TOPOCEAN, Flooring Substrate, For Bedroom Waterproof, Decoration Material, Thickness 6-40mm, Customizable

Group Fiberboard
Min. Order 3 cubic meter
Terms of Payment L/C, T/T, RMB/USD
Update Time 2020-03-03
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————  Product Details  ————

▍Flooring substrate

The laminate flooring breaks the physical structure of the logs and overcomes the shortcomings of poor log stability. And has many advantages, such as high strength, uniform specifications, high wear resistance, beautiful, environmentally friendly, moisture-proof, flame retardant, anti-mite, easy to install, easy to clean and care, economical and practical, is the preferred decorative material for the floor.



Physical and mechanical properties index: GB/T11718-2009,LY/T1644-2011;

Standard for formaldehyde emission: GB18580-2017;

Formaldehyde content grade:

E1≤0.5~1.5mg/L, E0≤0.5mg/L, F☆☆☆☆≤0.3mg/L.

Formaldehyde Emission/Certification: E1/E0/Carb P2/F☆☆☆☆/EPA/FSC.



Size: 1220*2440mm, 2100*2900mm; Thickness: 6~40mm; 

Density: 650kg/m³-730kg/m³. (Custom is available)  



The quality of laminate flooring is constantly improving, and the products are more artistic, personalized, more fashionable, beautiful, more environmentally friendly, and the surface treatment technology is more advanced and diversified, which can better meet the needs of different markets.

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