The 10th China (Guangzhou) Custom Home Furnishing Exhibition

publisher: JIN
Time: 2020-01-16
Summary: The Guangzhou Custom Home Furnishing Exhibition was successfully held, and the industry had a deep exchange to grasp the latest market trends!

The 10th China (Guangzhou) Custom Home Furnishing Exhibition

On January 8th, the tenth China (Guangzhou) Custom Home Furnishing Exhibition theme press conference was held at the headquarter of Guangzhou Bojun Media, and more than 20 industry mainstream media and more than 40 enterprise representatives were present.

 "The change in our custom home furnishing industry is not a cliff-like downward change, but a undulating change. Custom home furnishings have always occupied the air of the home building materials industry."

On March 26-28, the 10th China (Guangzhou) Custom Home Furnishing Exhibition will be grandly opened at Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo. At the press conference, Zeng Yong, the Secretary General of Guangdong Custom Home Furnishing Association and General Manager of Bojun Media, on behalf of the Organizing Committee, released the theme of the custom home furnishing industry in 2020-the custom "new" year, and the meaning of the theme and the current The highlights made a profound exposition.

Zeng Yong, Secretary General of Guangdong Custom Home Furnishing Association and General Manager of Bojun Media

Why is 2020 a custom "new" year?

No winter is insurmountable, and no spring will not come. New species and new models have emerged endlessly, and traditional formats have survived in fission, and "high quality + core technology + circle consumption" quietly occupy a high position! Welcome to the second half of the custom home industry!

1. The development has entered a "new" stage

Market dividends are gradually eroding, and fundamental changes have taken place in industrial structural elements such as industrial supply-demand relationships, entry barriers, and consumer demand. With technological upgrades, channel changes and continuous innovation of the supply chain system, horse racing is no longer the main theme. Vertical integration and horizontal alliances are overwhelming, and cross-border integration has become the new normal. Only by integrating strategies and thinking together can we achieve cornering overtaking.

2. Competition enters the "new" battlefield

In the first half of the competition in the customization industry, the market was blank, but most of the players who entered the game were triumphant. However, in the second half, the division of labor was further refined, market rules were further established, and the head brand “upsizing competition” started. In the future, the competition in the industry will return to the essential level of product, design and service competition from marketing, investment promotion and brand competition, find core competitiveness, and open a new track for custom homes in 2020.

3. Positioning and targeting "new" groups

The new generation creates a new era. At present, the custom home furnishing industry is transitioning from the “enclosure” to the “enclosure” era. A group of new middle class has risen. Under the background of consumption upgrade, quality, scene and mood have become one of the most willing factors for the new middle class to pay for. Brand manufacturers have to abandon traditional thinking and re-understand the consumer market.

4. Channels shift to "new" retail

The traditional model centered on terminal stores will be completely subverted by the customer-centric business model. Where the consumer is, go and open a store. The core of new retail-"user experience + operational efficiency", has a natural high degree of matching with custom homes. In the future, the use of emerging Internet technologies such as big data and AI technology will fully integrate online and offline channels to achieve a better user experience and higher operational efficiency.

5. Marketing enters "new" thinking

From television advertisements to information streaming advertisements to live broadcasts, in this era of decentralized media, marketing model innovation is the breakthrough weapon. Refuse to build cars behind closed doors, understand the real needs of customers, pay attention to the niche circle consumption, seize the diversified traffic entrances such as communities, networks, designers, etc., and wait for the peak circuit to turn and spring is in full bloom.


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