The total output value of China's forestry industry in the first three quarters is 5.13 trillion yuan

publisher: JIN
Time: 2019-12-05
Summary: China's forestry has developed rapidly, with total forestry output value of 5.13 trillion yuan in the first three quarters.

The total output value of China's forestry industry in the first three quarters is 5.13 trillion yuan

     China Green Times reported on December 4 (Reporter Chi Cheng Sun Peng) The reporter learned at the National Forestry Industry Conference held on December 3 that the total output value of China's forestry industry reached 5.13 trillion yuan in the first three quarters of this year, a year-on-year increase of 5.3%.

     China is the world ’s largest consumer of wood forest products, trading country and flower production base. Imports of logs, wood pulp, sawn timber, and exports of wooden furniture and wood-based panels rank first in the world. Its influence on the international forest products market continues to increase. . In 2018, the output of commercial timber was 88.11 million cubic meters, the diameter of large-scale bamboo was 3.155 billion, the artificial board was 299 million cubic meters, and the output of characteristic economic forests such as dried fruits and woody oils reached 181 million tons. The planting area of flowers is 24.45 million mu, and the total import and export trade is 598 million US dollars. The total import and export trade of forest products was US $ 160.3 billion.

     In recent years, the forestry industry structure has been continuously optimized, and the proportion of the forestry industry has been adjusted from 35:53:12 in 2012 to 32:46:22 in 2018. There are 16 national forestry industry demonstration parks, 18 forest-type special agricultural products advantage regions, 550 national forest economic demonstration bases, 519 key national forestry leading enterprises, and 261 national forestry standardization demonstration enterprises.

     The connotation and extension of the forestry industry has expanded significantly, and new products and new formats have developed rapidly. The use of biomass energy such as forestry biodiesel and bio-electricity has gradually entered the industrialization stage. Biomass materials such as bamboo fiber have achieved large-scale production. Forest food has played an irreplaceable role in meeting the high-quality living needs of the people. The National Health Commission and other agencies have issued policy documents to promote the development of the forest health industry. The Forest Tourism Festival has been held for 5 consecutive years. 100 national forest experience and forest health bases and 12 national forest trails have been established. Ecotourism absorbs social investment. The total amount reached 140 billion yuan. Vigorously develop nature education, and jointly launch 10 national elementary and middle school students' research and education bases in conjunction with the Ministry of Education. The forestry product exhibition economy is booming. There are thousands of companies participating in national forestry industry exhibitions each year, and the contract value is more than 20 billion yuan. Forest products e-commerce platforms and online stores continue to emerge, becoming an important channel for the circulation of forest products.


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