Gabon Wood Industry Opens in 2019

publisher: JIN
Time: 2019-07-25
Summary: Let's walk into the Gabon Wood Show to learn more about the industry.

Gabon Wood Industry Opens in 2019

As the main platform for the timber and forest industry in Central and West Africa, the 2019 Gabon Wood Show opened in Libreville on the 24th. As a great industry platform for connecting timber business opportunities, this 72-hour period, specifically, is a question of bringing together all the practitioners in the timber industry, enabling them to showcase their products, innovation and Technology know-how; promote the exchange of ideas and information to improve the performance of their companies; be able to adopt new technologies to find suppliers of wood products, new technologies and machines; and provide the possibility for buyers and sellers to meet.


     “This important meeting brought together several exhibitors, investors, merchants and wood processors, a demonstration in Gabon and Central Africa. It proved the industrialization dynamics of the timber industry and witnessed China’s sustainable development management and forest species. The efforts made in value," said the Minister of Forests. “The exhibition is an opportunity to inspire new sustainable dynamics of wood further processing, using a diverse range of natural forests in the Central African subregion,” Li Wright said.


Timber companies that have been established or are under construction have enjoyed dynamic financial and customs benefits, wood operators (86 in 2010 and 167 in 2018) and their production (2010: 280,000 cubic meters) The processing of wood, which was 1.7 million cubic meters in 2019, is increasing. “In 2018, nearly 900,000 cubic meters of processed products were exported to Asia, Europe and the Middle East,” said the Minister of Forests.


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